Mission Statement

Promoting Meaningful Health of Mind with Hope and Compassion in Stressful Times.


The difference between “Having” and “Being” Human Beings are not their symptoms, their diagnosis, or their circumstances. Human Beings may have these realities, however, they continue to “Be” Someone despite “having” some-thing/s.


Human Beings are unique interconnected individuals, who are part of Nature, and who have a capacity for growth and healing despite currently having, or previously having had, experiences of painful suffering in their lives.


Human Beings have the capacity to overcome fear and tragedy, and to live lives that are authentic and meaningful to them.


Although Human Beings are designed by Nature, to be imperfect and to make mistakes, we still have the potential to add value and meaning to our lives and to the world, for example, through acts of kindness and compassion. Such acts are not dependent on the illusion of human perfection.


Whatever anyone regrets about their past, they may choose to start again as every moment a is unique opportunity.


The Difference between "Having" and "Being"